Bird problems in fisheries?

Scaring away seabirds in an effective and animal friendly way from your fishing vessel? SaveWave introduces the SeaBird Saver. A revolutionary and innovative solution to your bird problems at sea. The SeaBird Saver is an automated bird deterrent using the combined strength of patented laser and sound technology. Easy to operate in all types of fisheries like longlining, trawling and purse seining and the best solution available. Minimizing effort while maximizing effect.

SeaBirdSaver WWF awardMain benefits:SeaBirdSaver award WWF and John West

  • Easy to clear the desired area of birds in seconds
  • Proven to be effective against numerous species of seabirds
  • Easy to use, minimum training required
  • More baited hooks in the water result in higher catch rate

“When I saw the video of the seabird saver, I did not believe what I saw! Now I am using it and I am convinced. The laser is perfect, it keeps the birds far away from the boat! We catch significant more fish on the hooks said while using the SeaBird Saver“
– Jónas Jónasson, captain of Tjaldur SH.

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