Longline fisheries

Easy and safe to use anti-bird system

Bait loss caused by seabirds is a big financial problem in longline fisheries. These fisheries are also a cause for albatross bycatch and take place in some of the roughest seas in the world. Therefore, SaveWave and Mustad Autoline recommend longliners to use the fixed and automated SeaBird Saver system in their standard operations. This set up minimizes human effort to operate the system, creating a safer workspace, and has proven more effective than traditional measures like tori or streamer lines. Though it can perfectly be combined with these existing methods.

SBS system

Fixed SeaBird Saver system

The fixed Seabird Saver system is the most powerful system available, consisting of a mounted, yet movable laser source with power supply and a separate sound system. The laser system is protected against extreme cold and frost by an internal heating system.
It is designed to be mounted on a rail or other high vantage point on board. Both sound and laser sources have to be aimed at the desired bird-free zone. In longline fisheries, this would be the prop wash at the stern of the vessel where the baited hooks are set. After positioning, just switch on both systems or choose either laser or sound.
Exclusive worldwide distributor for the SeaBird Saver in longline fisheries is partner Mustad Autoline AS. The combined strength of both companies’ engineers, SaveWave’s biologists and Mustad Autoline AS’ network has lead to the successful deployment of the product in several field trials with great results. The project was sponsored by the highly respected European Eurostars program and the product will be promoted in several upcoming exhibitions worldwide this year.
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