The solution to bird problems at sea

Despite efforts to reduce seabird mortality, thousands of albatrosses and other seabirds die every year as a result of bycatch in fisheries. Every form of fishing provides fishermen with different challenges to minimize bait loss and minimize bird bycatch. SaveWave offers brand new technology to create bird free zones near fishing vessels.
Main benefits are:

  • No deployment time
  • Easy to use
  • More effective than conventional methods
  • Higher catch rate using the product

The SeaBird Saver: an effective bird deterrent

The SeaBird Saver system is a bird deterrent based on the combined strength of a visual and acoustic stimulus to “overpower” the birds’ senses and actively deter them from an area of choice. The visual stimulus is generated through a powerful patented wide laser beam. The acoustic stimulus is generated through a high energy sound system, concentrating bird deterrent sounds to the area of choice. The systems can be operated independently or can be combined to increase efficacy. Both systems can be purchased separately, with the highly effective laser system as basis and the sound unit as ad on.

SeaBird Saver laser technology

The patented laser technology used in the SeaBird Saver is innovative and cutting edge. The emitted laser beam is widened for optimal visibility and to minimize damage being done in the unlikely event of long term bird eye exposure. The moving laser beam and the associated “dot” and scattering effect when it hits the waves is the powerful driving force in this deterrent. The specifically designed combination of high power output (class 4) and innovative lenses make this product effective on water. The SeaBird Saver laser is especially effective in bait setting during dawn, dusk, night, rainy, cloudy and foggy conditions. To increase visibility and effect in bright daylight conditions, creating a water mist or spray has proven to be effective. The system is developed to withstand the harshest working conditions at sea and is being used with great results in the industry.

SeaBird Saver sound technology

The revolutionary sound system used in the SeaBird Saver concentrates sound energy in a tight bundle, causing more volume and carrying distance. The system is I-pod compatible and is delivered with an I-pod with exclusive bird deterring sounds and operational playlists, engineered by our marine biologists. The system is lightweight and can easily be operated by one man. Mounting points make for easy mounting on solid structures onboard. The system is sturdy and developed to withstand harsh working conditions and salt spray.
More information or a free quote?
Seabird Saver is an effective bird deterrent designed for professional use only. If you would like to receive more information or a free quote, please contact us!