Testimonials and video

“When I saw the video of the seabird saver, I did not believe what I saw! Now I am using it and I am convinced. The laser is perfect, it keeps the birds far away from the boat! We catch significant more fish on the hooks said while using the SeaBird Saver“,

– Jónas Jónasson, captain of Tjaldur SH.
“When the laser was activated, all birds feeding on the offal stream or sitting on the water would take flight and circle widely round the boat. No birds crossed the laser beam at any stage, with all birds maintaining a good distance from the beam.”

– Captain of an USA Longliner, 2014-
“The laser was striking over the gear being deployed from 50 feet to half a mile behind the boat. Within 10 minutes there were zero birds within the bait strike zone or within a distance that we could see behind the boat in the dark.”

– Captain of an USA Longliner, 2014-
“It’s not often a new product comes along that is such a good thing. This could be our silver bullet.”

– Captain of a Tasmanian Longliner, 2014-

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